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Gardeners' Questions:

According to Gardeners World, plums should be pruned while the sap is rising (which is the opposite of most deciduous trees) to prevent silver leaf virus from entering the cut. So June- July is the latest recommended for cutting back.


Nick des Forges 25th August. Prune blackcurrant bushes - you look for the older darker wood that have fruited this year and prune them down low, if in doubt don't do too much. A bit of manure & wood ash helps to set the fruit.

Plum trees, summer prune it now by cutting out thin upward growth leaving 2 leaves, in the winter you need to cut out any diseased growth, branches that are rubbing, and keep the middle reasonably open, keeping in mind the horizontal branches produce more fruit. Then again do not prune too heavily as it will want to produce more growth than fruit.


When and how low do I prune my blackcurrant bushes and plum trees please



For anyone interested there is a shop at the Mount Noddy Allotments site, East Grinstead which is open on Saturday mornings. Associate members can for a small annual fee (currently £4) purchase seeds, compost and plants at close to wholesale prices.


Following coppicing of the hazel next to the top allotments there are stakes and pea-sticks available for allotment holders to take


How and when do you prune a large weeping ornmental pear. Its branches are all touching the ground. west Hoathly resident



[See reply November 2014]

Thank you for your research re Daphnes.I am delighted to say mine is currently covered in flower buds, for the very first time & I have in consequence taken the house off the market!

Cilla Nixon


Can anyone tell me how I can get some horse manure delivered, please?


Six months later & still waiting for a reply to my gardening query?? [the plant has given up & gone home!]


what can I do to stop the leaves on my Red Robin turning black and dropping off?


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An allotment is a plot of land, rented by an individual for growing fruit and vegetables, for personal and family use.

The Parish Council is responsible for managing the allotments on Finche Field. When Finche Field was transferred to the parish one of the stipulations was that some of the land was used for the provision of allotments.

There are 2 sites, both at Finche Field:

The allotment year runs from September 29th (Michaelmas Day) when rent falls due for the coming year.
Please contact the Parish Clerk for current pricing and availability.



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