West Hoathly Parish

including Highbrook, Selsfield, Sharpthorne, Tyes Cross and West Hoathly

NeighbOURhood PLAN


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Our Sustainability Objectives

These objectives have two main purposes

  1. To give an objective basis against which Neighbourhood Plan policies and options can be assessed for overall beneficial or negative impact on parish sustainability
  2. To allow an assessment over time on the success of the Neighbourhood Plan implementation

1. Countryside [Environmental]

To preserve and protect the countryside and open spaces of West Hoathly parish in terms of its

  • geology, landform, water systems and climate,
  • ridge top settlement pattern and historic farmsteads,
  • ancient woodlands and field patterns
  • ancient rights of way (footpaths, bridleways, tracks and lanes)
  • diversity of wildlife
  • peace and quiet
  • available amenity open spaces
whilst ensuring any changes benefit the community as a whole.


  • area of Ancient Woodland within the parish - not reduced
  • condition of ancient woodland - improved
  • number of Trees with Preservation Orders within the parish - maintained or increased
  • number of specific valued countryside assets - maintained or increased
  • condition and accessibility of footpaths - maintained or improved
  • interference with any of these features through grant of planning consent - minimised

2. Settlements [Environmental]

To retain the distinctiveness of villages and small settlements and the gaps between them whilst encouraging some organic growth which addresses deficit dwelling stock (young families, older people) and complements their surroundings.


  • planning consents outside defined settlement boundaries - none or limited
  • proportion of housing developments which address housing needs - maximised

3. Maintenance [Social]

To encourage pride in settlement maintenance and appearance.


  • number of derelict / unmaintained houses - minimised
  • adherence to conservation area standards - maximised
  • amount of litter - minimised

4. Heritage [Environmental]

To conserve and retain the architectural heritage of conservation areas and individual historic buildings with any changes conforming to locally agreed detailed design guide.


  • number of Listed Buildings in parish - not diminished
  • MSDC conservation officer/ English Heritage assessment - maintained or improved
  • (number of applications applying for Listed Building Consent)?
  • changes not conforming with design guidance - minimised

5. Housing Needs [Social]

To ensure a supply of homes consistent with the parish identified housing needs and to meet the local social objectives of homes suitable for younger families and older people.


  • proportion of housing developments directly addressing identified needs - maximised
  • housing shortfall - reduced

6. Homes [Environmental]

To ensure all NEW homes are built to high standards of design, construction and resource efficiency, and homes in countryside and conservation areas are of outstanding design.


  • new homes meeting building regs level 5(?) or above - maximised
  • number of new homes in countryside or conservation areas within NP Policy - less or equal to policy

7. Energy [Environmental]

To increase resource efficiency of buildings, and the proportion of energy use from renewable sources in the parish.


  • capacity of photovoltaic, solar thermal installations, biomass and heat pumps - increased
  • number of domestic water recycling systems - increased
  • non-renewable energy use in public buildings - reduced

8. Public Transport [Social]

To have an efficient, quick and co-ordinated public transport service that meets the needs of residents and visitors - in particular -

  • secondary school children to get to and from school
  • commuters to link with major travel hubs
  • other social, domestic and pleasure purposes
  • people visiting the parish


  • proportion of secondary school students using public transport - increased
  • number of commuter car journeys to travel hubs - reduced
  • number of practical public transport travel options from main parish population centres - increased

9. Traffic / Parking [Environmental]

To substantially reduce the impact on residents' lives of the volume, speed and weight of traffic within the parish.

  • highways in village areas and unclassified lanes are pedestrian, cyclist, horse-rider friendly
  • reduced through traffic
  • walking and cycling routes to service centres (EG, FR) and between parish settlements
  • adequate parking spaces in village areas


  • average traffic speeds - reduced
  • number of HGVs passing through or into the parish - reduced
  • number of regular cycle users - increased
  • amount of pedestrian journeys - increased
  • number of businesses with green travel plans - increased
  • car journeys to/from WH school - reduced
  • proportion of journeys to work by sustainable methods - increased
  • number of off-street public parking spaces within 100m(?) of village centres - increased

10. Commercial [Economic]

To make the parish an attractive place for businesses providing essential retail and service offerings for the local community and retain a variety of hospitality businesses for local and tourist use.


  • range of retail outlets - maintained or increased
  • range of goods and services available locally - maintained or increased
  • number of new businesses started - increased
  • number / variety of hospitality premises - maintained or increased
  • visitor numbers to Priest House, Bluebell Railway - maintained

11. Education [Social]

To ensure outstanding quality pre-school and primary education opportunities are available within the parish supported by the necessary extended childcare requirements to meet current social patterns.


  • school roll - increased
  • Pre-school self-sufficiency - achieved
  • childcare places satisfying the needs of working parents - increased

12. Culture [Social]

To sustain and enhance the diverse selection of clubs/societies/sports/worship for all age groups and make the parish an attractive venue for small touring offerings.


  • number and range of active groups - maintained or increased
  • variety of sports activities - maintained or increased
  • number of youth teams or groups - increased
  • number of members of youth teams or groups - increased

13. Employment [Economic]

To facilitate employment opportunities in the parish (local businesses, working from home, self employment).


  • number of local employment opportunities - maintained or increased
  • number of local employers - maintained or increased
  • number of households with "super fast" broadband service - increased
  • number of planning applications approved for home office adaptations - increased

14. Health [Social]

To improve access to health services especially for children and older people.


  • number of venues for health services in parish - maintained or increased
  • local collection of prescriptions - maintained or improved
  • volunteer car hospital scheme - maintained or improved

15. Security [Social]

To promote community responsibility for parishioners own, others' and community assets.


  • incidence of crime - reduced
  • (secured by design)?
  • Farm & Countryside Watch membership - increased
  • Number of active Neighbourhood watch schemes - increased

16. Community [Social]

To encourage the sense of community and engagement in local topics and the inclusion and support of vulnerable groups.


  • participation in parish council elections - increased
  • number of Chronicle subscribers - maintained or increased
  • number of Hoathly Hub subscribers - increased
  • numbers attending annual parish assembly - increased
  • number of events and activities for vulnerable groups - maintained or increased
  • participation of vulnerable groups in parish affairs - increased

Attributes valued by the community

The table of Valued Aspects was created from the output of the public workshops held in February 2012.

The matrix below demonstrates which objectives will help to sustain and enhance each of them.

{hover over a tick to display the objective}
The countrysideY               
Historic built parts of the area yyY            
The range of community activities and support           Y   y
The pubs         Y      
Access to a range of towns, London and the coast for employment       Yy       
Having a primary school    y     Y     
Relatively low crime rate              Y 
Effective local communications (e.g. Chronicle, Hoathly Hub)               Y

Issues of concern to the community

The table of Concerns was created from the output of the public workshops held in February 2012.

The matrix below demonstrates which objectives are intended to improve each of them.

{hover over a tick to display the objective}
The volume and speed of traffic       yY   y   
Pedestrian and cyclist safetyy       Y       
Shortage of homes suitable for young families and down-sizing older residents y  Y           
Population age distribution y  y           
Public transport services       Y        
Continued viability of West Hoathly primary school and other child activities    y     Y     
Range of shops within the Parish        yY      
Range of retail products on offer         Y      
Energy and water use efficiency     yY         
Facilities for teenagers, including travel options       y   y    
Facilities for ageing population       y y y y  
No focal centre for services within the Parish        y    y  
Local employment opportunities         y  Y   
Broadband speeds         y  y   
Local crime              Y 
Cohesion across the different localities        y  y  yY


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