West Hoathly Parish

including Highbrook, Selsfield, Sharpthorne, Tyes Cross and West Hoathly

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WHP13 - Task Force

Following the formal consultation on the draft Plan in 2013 it was agreed that one policy, WHP13-Site(s) for new Homes, required further work and an initiative to identify more potential development sites took place. As a result 11 potential sites came forward.

The Task Force, which included residents of the parish, was set up in December 2013 to review the parish's housing requirements and recommend new wording for policy WHP13 for the Parish Council to consider.

Three exhibitions (in Sharpthorne, Highbrook and West Hoathly) of the proposed potential sites and an open Q & A session for landowners were held during February 2014, attended by around 200 people in total. Feedback forms were available at all sessions and 184 forms were completed, by 52 people. You can read their comments here...

The Task Force, assisted by Chris Bowden (an independent consultant from Navigus), assessed each potential site against our sustainability objectives, taking into account the insights gathered from resident's feedback, to determine the best option(s) for the community that would meet the parish's housing requirements.

A further site, WHCS_13 - Land off Station Road, was submitted and assessed just before the latest Sustainability Appraisal and draft Plan were finalised.

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WHERE could the new homes be built?Map showing  site locations


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