Local Winter Management Plan 2013/14

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Winter Management Plan?

For the last few years West Hoathly Parish Council has put in place a local winter management plan to guide and inform the parish if extreme weather conditions happen again as they have in the last few years. The Parish's Plan is agreed with and complements West Sussex County Council's preparations

How do I find any news in the event of extreme winter weather?

In such an event the Parish Council will use the Hoathly Hub www.HoathlyHub.info to provide up to date information on the situation. Similar information will be available from the Parish Office during normal opening hours (Telephone: 01342 811301 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings only 9:00am - 12:00pm). If problems arise outside normal PC office hours members of the Council's Highways and Transport Committee will ensure information is available. (click here for Councillor contact details)

What do West Sussex County Council do for us in extreme winter weather?

West Sussex County Council has advised us that:

a) Their precautionary gritting routes in the event of an inclement forecast include:

  • From the Horsted Lane / Sharpthorne Rd junction along Top Road, The Hollow, Chapel Row and the C319 Selsfield Rd south of the junction with Vowels Lane.
  • Station Road and Hamsey Road in Sharpthorne
  • North Lane and Church Hill in West Hoathly
  • B2028 Turners Hill to Ardingly
  • Vowels Lane from Selsfield Common to the B2110 at Kingscote.

b) Their snow clearance routes include:

  • Major A and B roads and main towns throughout the county
  • Top Road through to Selsfield Road and the B2028 to Turners Hill

Note: Station Road and Hamsey Road in Sharpthorne, Church Hill and North Lane in West Hoathly and Highbrook/Hammingden Lane and Station Approach in Highbrook are not included in any WSCC snow clearance route.

What else can be done locally?

Mr Buckley of Hook Farm has a snow plough and, at the Parish Council's request will do what he can to clear snow from roads not covered by County but the Parish Council would hope that local residents will also volunteer to help keep these roads and pavements clear including using the many grit/salt bins around the parish.
In particular, unless Station Road is treated and cleared many residents and businesses in Sharpthorne will not be able to exit the village by vehicle due to the steepness of Station Road.

The Parish Council has an arrangement to clear snow from the steps to Finche Field from Vinols Cross and the entrance to West Hoathly Village Hall. A volunteer has offered to clear the pavement from the Vinols Cross to opposite Bulldogs Bank.

Where are the salt/grit bins located and who fills them?

The Parish Council now has 15 grit bins installed around the parish (see the table of their locations here...).

West Sussex County Council undertakes to fill these bins with grit at the beginning of the winter. Any grit replenishment will be carried out locally so if a grit bin is empty please inform the Parish Clerk who can then arrange for it to be refilled.

How do I use the grit?

Grit bins are provided for residents to use on public roads and pavements and not for use on private driveways. When using grit from the bins, there is a tendency to apply too much. It needs to be distributed as sparingly as possible. Anyone using the grit should also take care not to over-exert themselves.

What do I do if I see grit being stolen from a bin?

If you believe grit is being stolen from a bin please take a note of the registration and description of the vehicle and let the local police know on their non emergency number 101.

Advice to Volunteers Clearing Snow

If I clear snow am I liable if someone slips on the cleared area?

In a letter sent by the Ministry of Justice it stated that "The prospects of a person who volunteers to clear snow from a pavement being successfully sued for damages by a person who subsequently slips on the cleared area and is injured are very small".

A snow-clearer does though have a duty to clear with reasonable care so as not to create a new and worse risk.


  • Follow the Local Parish Winter Management Plan
  • Move snow to a porous surface such as a grass verge or garden
  • Spread salt/grit evenly and at an appropriate spread rate
  • Clear any excess salt or grit once the snow/ ice has melted.


  • Use water to melt snow and ice, if there is a risk it will refreeze
  • Move snow to a location where it will create another risk e.g. another part of the pavement, road or where people are likely to walk
  • Use excessive salt, grit or other materials so as to create a new or worse risk once the snow / ice has melted
  • Park or abandon cars on pavements so pedestrians are forced to walk in the road.

What else can I do or should I consider in extreme winter weather?

  • If you own a 4x4 and would be available and willing to help in an emergency please let the Parish Council know
  • If you have elderly or disabled neighbours discuss emergency help arrangements with them before the onset of bad weather
  • Make sure you have reasonable stocks of food in the house
  • If you are worried about getting milk remember that Plaw Hatch farm produces its own milk
  • Arrangements for school closures are decided by the relevant head teacher. The best place to get the most up to date information on school, and school bus, emergency planning arrangements is on the relevant school's website.

Local Councillors

Parish Councillors

There are 11 members of the Parish Council who are elected for a 4 year term. The Councillors for the next term of office are:

Ken Allfree

Finance Committee

Chairman of West Hoathly Village Hall Management Committee

15 Ridleys
West Hoathly
West Sussex
RH19 4HN
01342 810166
Claire Hilton

Planning Committee

Asset & Highways Committee

Tyes Cross Cottage
Tyes Cross Sharpthorne
West Sussex
RH19 4HT
Paul Brown

Finance Committee

Chairman of Asset & Highways Committee

West Hoathly Village Hall Management Committee

Bulldog Bank
West Sussex
RH19 4PH
01342 811866
William Buckley

Vice Chairman of Parish Council

Vice Chairman of Planning Committee

Hook Farm
Hook Lane
West Hoathly
RH19 4PT
01342 811113
Robert Bruce

Planning Committee

Vice Chairman of West Hoathly Village Hall Management Committee

36 Hamsey Road
RH19 4PA
01342 810815
Rita des Forges

Vice Chairman of Asset & Highways Committee

Top Road
West Sussex
RH19 4PQ
01342 810224
Jennifer Edwards

Finance Committee

Asset & Highways Committee

Lower Sheriff Farmhouse
RH17 6SP
01444 892594
Neil Greatorex

Asset & Highways Committee

62 Broadfield
West Hoathly
RH19 4QR
07833 292494
Anne Halligey

Chairman of Parish Council

Chairman of Finance Committee

West Hoathly Village Hall Management Committee

Chairman of Planning Committee

29 Marlpit Road
West Sussex
RH19 4PD
01342 811269
Douglas Denham St Pinnock

Asset & Highways Committee

Vice Chairman Finance Committee

The Hollow
West Hoathly
West Sussex
RH19 4QE
01342 810006
Kevin Gould

Planning Committee

West Hoathly Village Hall Management Committee

Finance Committee

Little Trees
Top Road
West Sussex
RH19 4NS

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor and would like details of the role and how you can put your name forward please contact the Parish Clerk on clerk@westhoathly.gov.uk.

Mid Sussex Councillors

Chris Herseyemail: Christopher.hersey@btinternet.com
Linda Stockwell email: linstockwell@btinternet.com

West Sussex Councillor (Lindfield and High Weald Division)

Andrew Leaemail: andrew.lea@westsussex.gov.uk