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Coach parking in North Lane (South) and Hook Lane

CLOSED Miscellaneous Article

Author: John Downe

Published: Friday, 3rd February 2012

The Parish Council Highways and Transport Committee is keen to hear residents' views on whether to create a formalised lay-by on the south verge of Hook Lane, immediately west of Philpotts Lane in West Hoathly.

Particularly during the spring and summer a number of large coaches bring groups to visit the attractions of the village. Parked in North Lane itself they inevitably cause congestion and the possibility of passing vehicles damaging the verge. A formalised lay-by would have a hard surfaced area laid in the same place as the current de facto location in Hook lane where coaches are already encouraged to wait.

What do you think of this suggestion?

This topic was discussed at the Highways and Transport Committee meeting on 12th March.The result of the deliberations will be in the Parish Council minutes available from the Council's website.


24 Feb 2012
Resident of West Hoathly

10. Creating parking is a good idea. My concern is difficulty in executing the necessary turns especially in view of the recent damage to the grassed area... [please sign-in to read more]


17 Feb 2012
Resident of West Hoathly

9. Anything that would help the congestion in North Lane would be welcome. A designated place for coaches is a good idea.


6 Feb 2012
Resident of West Hoathly

8. Just another thought... is it necessary for the coach to be parked in this area at all? Mostly the coach drivers do not visit the tourist attractions ... [please sign-in to read more]


4 Feb 2012
Resident of West Hoathly

7. Andrew is right in principle but where else?... [please sign-in to read more]


4 Feb 2012
Resident of West Hoathly

6. A very good idea to formalise what has become a bit of a common practice. Hopefully it will ease some of the village congestion.... [please sign-in to read more]


4 Feb 2012
Resident of West Hoathly

5. Surely makes more sense to use the existing parking area on Hook Lane rec, widening the entrance if necessary. Some years ago the provision of a parki... [please sign-in to read more]


3 Feb 2012
No longer a member

4. I think that this is a great idea. It will ease the congestion in the village by providing a dedicated place for coaches to park.... [please sign-in to read more]


3 Feb 2012
Resident of West Hoathly

3. Turning coaches round on the Philpots Lane / Hook Lane/ North Lane junction or in the Bowls Club is very problematic and causes a lot of damage to the... [please sign-in to read more]


3 Feb 2012
Resident of West Hoathly

2. I think that is a very good idea to avoid congestion on North Lane. Perhaps you could even make it mandatory for coaches to park there and put a no-pa... [please sign-in to read more]


3 Feb 2012
Resident of West Hoathly

1. Good idea!... [please sign-in to read more]


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