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Computing Questions

CLOSED Q & A Forum

Author: Sylvia Downe

Published: Friday, 2nd December 2011

If you have a question on how to use your computer, tablet or smartphone just post it on this Q & A forum!

For example:

  • you are not sure how to use the Hoathly Hub
  • you want to check you are getting the broadband speed you should
  • you are having trouble using a particular website
  • you want to change the webpage that displays when you start your computer
  • you want to upload photos but they are too big or the wrong shape
  • or simply "the computer says no!" (but we'll need more details than that!)

The replies posted here will be given in good faith but you must of course verify them for your particular circumstances before making any decisions. You take our advice entirely at your own risk!


31 Jan 2015
Friend of the Parish

11. How can I create smarter eBay item descriptions when I am selling something? (Question from eBay Selling Workshop 31/1/2015)


31 Jan 2015
Friend of the Parish

I find the easiest way to do this is just using Word (or probably other word processing packages). This is on a Windows PC.... [please sign-in to read more]


8 Jan 2015
No longer a member

10. Do you have anyone who teaches computer skills to over 50's,


8 Jan 2015
Friend of the Parish

There is only me and I do not provide general training courses I'm afraid.... [please sign-in to read more]


19 Dec 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

9. Thanks for the advice Shirley. I only phoned in the hope of telling them to "buzz off"! I never interact with the unknown.


13 Dec 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

8. John I would be extremely wary of any message saying that I needed to take immediate action, especially one that gives a telephone number to ring. I ... [please sign-in to read more]


11 Dec 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

7. Further to the recent discussion concerning computer speed and adverts I am now using the Chrome extension Adblocker. It has miraculously removed all ... [please sign-in to read more]


27 Nov 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

6. Further to Question 5.... [please sign-in to read more]


27 Nov 2014
Friend of the Parish

Before downloading ANY software you should do lots of research first by "Googling" the product to see what the community thinks of it - for example, "... [please sign-in to read more]


25 Nov 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

5. I have noticed that in Task Manager CPU usage on my Samsung laptop is very high. Apparently this can be caused by malware called "search.conduit". Thi... [please sign-in to read more]


26 Nov 2014
Resident of Selsfield

You would expect "System Idle Process" to be very high on CPU usage on the Processes list - mine varies around 95% when nothing much is running. See <... [please sign-in to read more]


26 Nov 2014
Friend of the Parish

First of all, wmiprvse.exe is a Windows component used by many programs (eg anti-virus) - see this page... [please sign-in to read more]


9 Nov 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

4. This may be a big ask.. but does anyone know how I can get local lessons on using Publisher?


9 Nov 2014
Friend of the Parish

I've never used Publisher but I expect that, like most Microsoft products, it is full of features you will never use!... [please sign-in to read more]


18 Oct 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

3. Do you know of anyone locally who can install more memory into my laptop? It's running out of space rapidly, and last time I took it to a computer sho... [please sign-in to read more]


18 Oct 2014
Friend of the Parish

Clare, it is usually relatively straightforward to add / replace memory in a Windows-type laptop yourself.... [please sign-in to read more]


16 Nov 2012
Resident of Highbrook

2. When you open the hoathly hub digest email you see the following message: ... [please sign-in to read more]


17 Nov 2012
Friend of the Parish

When I wrote the "Speak Out!" program I had to consider the privacy of members of the Hub and encourage them to contribute their opinions freely. The ... [please sign-in to read more]


4 Dec 2011
Friend of the Parish

1. It would be really useful to have the Hoathly Hub events calendar immediately visible on my mobile phone and Outlook on my PC - how can I do that?


4 Dec 2011
Friend of the Parish

Just follow the simple instructions in this document. ... [please sign-in to read more]


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