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Author: Parish Clerk

Published: Monday, 12th May 2014

Want some advice about anything to do with gardening? Simply post your question on this Speak Out! topic and the team of allotment holders will give you their best advice!

The replies posted here will be given in good faith but you must of course verify them for your particular circumstances before making any decisions. You take our advice entirely at your own risk!

Residents of the Parish can sign-in to ask a question.


31 Aug 2017
Resident of Selsfield

11. According to Gardeners World, plums should be pruned while the sap is rising (which is the opposite of most deciduous trees) to prevent silver leaf vi... [please sign-in to read more]


25 Aug 2017
Resident of Sharpthorne

10. Nick des Forges 25th August. Prune blackcurrant bushes - you look for the older darker wood that have fruited this year and prune them down low, if ... [please sign-in to read more]


18 Aug 2017
Resident of West Hoathly

9. When and how low do I prune my blackcurrant bushes and plum trees please ... [please sign-in to read more]


23 Mar 2015
Resident of Sharpthorne

8. For anyone interested there is a shop at the Mount Noddy Allotments site, East Grinstead which is open on Saturday mornings. Associate members can f... [please sign-in to read more]


23 Mar 2015
Resident of Sharpthorne

7. Following coppicing of the hazel next to the top allotments there are stakes and pea-sticks available for allotment holders to take


28 Jan 2015
Resident of West Hoathly

6. How and when do you prune a large weeping ornmental pear. Its branches are all touching the ground. west Hoathly resident


10 Jan 2015
Resident of Sharpthorne

5. Lauren... [please sign-in to read more]


27 Dec 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

4. Can anyone tell me how I can get some horse manure delivered, please?


4 Jan 2015
Resident of Sharpthorne

We have obtained Horse manure from Tremaines in Horsted Keynes. It is free from them but it is not delivered. Your best bet is to ask a place that kee... [please sign-in to read more]


14 Nov 2014
Resident of Sharpthorne

3. Six months later & still waiting for a reply to my gardening query?? [the plant has given up & gone home!]


14 Nov 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

I have looked up & this is from Helen Yemm: ''Daphne odora is a slightly tender evergreen, surviving best in the south and west of Britain. Soil pH is... [please sign-in to read more]


23 May 2014
Resident of Sharpthorne

2. what can I do to stop the leaves on my Red Robin turning black and dropping off?


17 May 2014
Resident of Sharpthorne

1. Why does my healthy , established Daphne [variegated] produce only 2/3 flowers per season?


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