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Sites for new homes included in revised version of parish draft Neighbourhood Plan

CLOSED Parish Council Chairman's Blog

Author: John Downe

Published: Friday, 23rd May 2014

A new version of the draft Neighbourhood Plan for West Hoathly Parish is now ready for consultation prior to being submitted to Mid Sussex District Council.

The updated Plan builds upon the version which was received largely positively last spring and incorporates the conclusions of the special community Task Force setup to develop an improved policy "WHP13" which is designed to fulfil the parish's housing requirements.

Over the last 5 months the project has conducted a detailed, objective assessment of the 10 proposed housing sites. The process has been guided by independent consultant expertise and has been conducted transparently and with wide community participation. The conclusion of the evaluations has been that 3 of the sites were assessed as making the best contribution to the sustainability of this parish. These sites are the site to the north of Top Road, part of the site adjacent to Cookhams and part of the site at Bluebell Wood.

The legislation requires that there should now be a 6-week period for consultation with the whole community and other interested parties. To this end a printed copy of the draft Plan document will be posted to all parish households arriving in the week of 2nd June together with an explanatory letter and a hardcopy consultation comment form. There will be Drop-in Information sessions (see dates on the Hoathly Hub and Chronicle) in the week of 2nd June around the parish. Everyone's comments on the plan will be welcomed but the preferred method of providing consultation comments is through the on-line form on the Hoathly Hub.

I remain strongly of the opinion that if as a community we can together achieve a completed Neighbourhood Plan for West Hoathly Parish it will deliver many advantages and improvements for our area's future and will be well worth the time and effort that many people have put into the exercise over the last two and a half years. I hope that everyone will take the time to read the draft Plan being distributed and contribute their knowledge and thoughts for its improvement.

NB West Hoathly Parish Council's decisions and other minutes of the Parish Council which are recorded in the Clerk's minutes of the statutory meetings of the Council are the complete and formal record. This article is intended to give an informal narrative for residents of what has been happening in your Parish Council.
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