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CLOSED Miscellaneous Article

Author: Sylvia Downe

Published: Friday, 3rd October 2014

Having modernised the Hoathly Hub website and the way the weekly Digest email is distributed over the past two years, I am now seeking a useful and interesting project to enhance the Hoathly Hub - as well as keeping my brain active!

If you have an idea that could benefit the local community please describe it below, indicating how you would like to be involved if the project were to be implemented (e,g, gathering information, keeping it up to date, etc.).

Also, please add a comment if you experience any problems using the Hoathly Hub website and I will investigate.


19 Dec 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

5. The Chronicle is only issued bi monthly. A statement of opinion is OK but reaction to it is inevitably delayed. The web provides faster reaction. Inst... [please sign-in to read more]


15 Dec 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

4. Could we have a more general forum giving an opportunity to comment on, advise on, ask advice for etc things like traffic problems, parking, dog dropp... [please sign-in to read more]


17 Dec 2014
Friend of the Parish

If you or somebody else would like to set up a "Parish Forum" online facility I could offer to help to get it up and running but I would not personall... [please sign-in to read more]


5 Dec 2014
Resident of Sharpthorne

3. Could we have a section for local businesses, please, either to be included in the Local Directory, or a separate section of it's own?... [please sign-in to read more]


9 Dec 2014
Friend of the Parish

If there is enough interest I would be happy to raise awareness of local businesses on the Hub - as long as businesses were prepared to send me their ... [please sign-in to read more]


11 Nov 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

2. I really like the new way to post events and messages because it prompts with an easy question as I start to post. I used to think "now, is it a notic... [please sign-in to read more]


3 Oct 2014
Resident of West Hoathly

1. I don't have any comments, but wanted to tell you that I read the Digest every week and really value it. I very rarely look at the website.


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