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Miscellaneous Article

Author: Neil Greatorex

Published: Friday, 1st April 2016

To give residents the opportunity to say thank you to those in the community who have done something that would otherwise not have been acknowledged, however small or large the contribution.

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19 May 2020
Resident of Sharpthorne

14. Thank you to the couple from Hamsey Road who were walking their dog in Gravetye woods last night and who very kindly helped us search for Betsy. She r... [please sign-in to read more]


14 Apr 2020
Resident of West Hoathly

13. A villager was walking pass last week and said had we tried THE CAT as they had set up a small store for essential provisions. So we have received our... [please sign-in to read more]


17 Sep 2016
Resident of West Hoathly

12. Thank you to Martin at Blacklands Farm for very kindly doing ALL of the photocopying needed to update our folders of Christmas Carols. ... [please sign-in to read more]


9 Sep 2016
Resident of West Hoathly

11. I contacted the parish clerk regarding the planters at the end of July and the WSCC Highways Officer has been and checked the sight lines at the junct... [please sign-in to read more]


3 Sep 2016
No longer a member

10. I have just seen Janet's post. I agree that it is not very easy seeing traffic coming from the left when emerging from the side roads at the Fox. But ... [please sign-in to read more]


5 Aug 2016
Resident of West Hoathly

9. The planters are lovely at Vinols Cross. However it is very difficult to see traffic coming down Top Road when trying to get out from Hoathly Hill and... [please sign-in to read more]


29 Jul 2016
Resident of West Hoathly

8. The Street Fair was particularly good this year, especially the music and the entertainment for the children, but then the food fair was great and th... [please sign-in to read more]


25 Jul 2016
Resident of Sharpthorne

7. Thank you to all those who made the garden trail and food and street market possible. A lot of hard work goes into making these events possible. I hop... [please sign-in to read more]


15 Jul 2016
No longer a member

6. Thanks to those who planted up those giant planters at Vinols Cross. I don't know who did the work but I suspect they were volunteers. The planters ma... [please sign-in to read more]


9 Jul 2016
Resident of Sharpthorne

5. I would like to say thank you to all those who gave up their time to open their garden's for the garden trail last month. Myself and my husband really... [please sign-in to read more]


4 Jul 2016
Resident of Sharpthorne

4. I would like to thank all those people who produce lovely cakes and scones for village events. As a non baker I am very impressed!! Kathy.


11 Apr 2016
Resident of West Hoathly

3. I want to add my thanks to all those who took part, and to people who clear up litter at other times of the year. We DO appreciate your work.


1 Apr 2016
No longer a member

2. As one who played a minor part in the tidy-up, I would like to say thanks for Neil's comments. It was a good team effort. On the busiest roads it can ... [please sign-in to read more]


1 Apr 2016
Resident of West Hoathly

1. Many thanks to those who gave up their Saturday a few weeks ago to tidy up the Parish. Some risked life and limb to clean up some areas, such as Selsf... [please sign-in to read more]


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